September 05, 2016

Android App Development Best Practices

Android Applikation Spezialist

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Android open source platform, since its release by Google, has tempted entrepreneurs and businesses like Outsourcing Android App Development Firms with bright and promising prospects. Hence, android apps have outnumbered the apps developed for iOS very fast. To leave a mark in an ever changing market scenario, your app must be developed by following certain practices mentioned below:

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App optimization

It is essential to optimize your app based on the targets you have set for your app. For example, to achieve high loading speed you need to optimize size of the app and other loading attributes. For enhanced user experience, there are a lot of things you need to focus on. So, depending on the goals you have set you need to optimize the attributes associated with them.

Pay attention to UI

Remember that intuitive and interactive user interface is the key to cohesive user experience. Therefore, keep your interface simple and easy to handle. Also leverage available tools to get assistance for certain aspects of the UI.

Get support from android communities

Get connected with android communities and solve your issues effortlessly. By staying in touch with like-minded and experienced developers you can improve your skills and also remain motivated.

Make feedbacks your guidelines

Paying attention to user feedbacks is of utmost importance to make a user-centric app. You can use their reviews as guidelines in introducing changes in your app to fulfill their requirement. Ultimately, you will end up with an app that will ensure enhanced user experience. If users like your app then it is more likely that your app will occupy space in their devices. As Google aptly says “Focus on the user and all else will follow.”

Follow Google’s guidelines thoroughly

Google has provided some must-know guidelines for android developers and it is advisable to keep those guidelines handy. The purpose of these guidelines is to maintain consistency among apps.

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